Peterborough Port Club versus March Port Club

Peterborough and March are two of the premier port clubs in the UK and they have an annual match each year. Each year each club takes it in turns to produce five vintage ports, all ports are served blind. Youngest to oldest. Then the clubs take it in turns to guess the other clubs ports. Each club has 6 members plus a guest and each person produces their own answers!

These are my tasting notes on all the ports presented, plus my guesses for the March Ports!
March as the home team presented their ports first.
Taylors 1985
Dark in colour, very ripe rich nose, quite plummy. Juicy sweet fruit, hints of chocolate and coffee and a long spicy finish. Good balance showing young, but some evolution.
I guessed 1985/7 but unfortunately settled on 1987!
Croft 1970
Lighter in colour, a nose of sweet fruits, with quite obvious coffee and mocha. Quite dry on the palate and an obvious spirity and peppery finish. Good length and intensity, but the spirit was a little obvious.
I guessed 1970!
Sandamen 1963
A bit more colour, dull on the nose, quite restrained. A hint of cork/damp cardboard on the nose and quite obvious on the palate. The finish was a little strange and spoilt by the taint. Thus was the only port that did not show well all night.
I guessed 1967.
Cockburns 1960
Quite pale in colour, looks seriously old. Not a lot of fruit, but with hints of chocolate/coffee, with a little fig character. Quite a big pepery finish, well balanced.
I guessed 1950 for its pale colour.
Dow 1947
This was an amazing port that came to life in the glass. First poured it was more obviously riper and better quality than the 4th port, but quite restrained and seemed to be showing great age.
Then the wine blossomed, it became sweet and rich and quite concentrated. Caramel and fig characters, simply delicious.
I guessed 1948!
Peterborough Ports
Martinez 1994
Very dark colour, very juicy and sweet fruit, but starting to open up. Intense on the palate and a long finish.
Grahams 1977
Very elegant nose, sweet fruit, hints of coffee. Very big mouthfeel, almost luscious, long peppery finish. Classy glass of port, has plenty of time left.
Warres 1960
Subdued nose, not as opulent as the previous port, good balance but lacking power and intensity of the Grahams. Long caramel finish.
Warre 1958
This is a very rare vintage, very rarely does this vintage come up. Elegant and intense nose, sweet and rich. Huge weight in the mouth and great concentration, dark fruits, caramel, toffee and fig, Long, long finish. Quite delicious and for me the port of the evening.
Smith Woodhouse 1935
Very pale in colour, showing proper age. Not a lot of fruit, but caramel/toffee/coffee flavours in abundance. Lovely balance and very elegant, long finish. Showing superbly for such an old boy. 78 years old.
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Posted on 30/03/2013
by Philip
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