Niepoort and Ramos Pinto Port Tasting 1924 - 2011

A fabulous Vintage Port Masterclass with Dirk Niepoort and Joao Nicolau d'Almeida from Ramos Pinto. Vintages from 1924 to the current release of 2011.

What a selection of wines! Two very passionate men, of very different outlooks on dress code, wine making and attitudes to life!
1924 Ramos Pinto
1924 was a general declaration. Brown in colour, almost tawny colour. Sweet caramel elegnat and light nose, pretty floral and very spicy. tastes more like a colheita than vintage port.  
1942 Niepoort
A non declared vintage, but Dirk feels it is one of his best ports. Darker than the 1924, almost ruby colour. Sweet dark black fruits, very engaging and delicious. Sweet black fruits, caramel, coffee and mocha. Lovely weight in the mout, very sweet spicy peppery finish. Delicious.
1970 Niepoort
Darker than the RP. Dirk considers the 70's to be under estimated as a vintage. Complex nose,  very sweet and luscious, quite caramel in character, with gentle fruits. Great weight in the mouth and intensity.
1970 Ramos Pinto
Light ruby colour, but pale, sweet black fruits,gentle hint of figs/dates. Very appealing. Luscious in the mouth, quite sweet and long, peppery finish. Quite light, but very attractive.
1977 Niepoort
Dirk considers that most of the 1977 are still not really open! Dark colour, sweet appealing and very engaging. Lovely fruit nose, dark fruits, fig and spice. Fabulous weight in the mouth, luscious fig caramel, black spicy/peppery fruits. Almost silky really long finish. Very appealing style. Delicious.
1983 Niepoort
Paler than the RP 83! Dull nose, no weight in the mouth, dull fruit. Not a great bottle, one of those flat bottles.
1983 Ramos Pinto
Darker colour, lifted damson fruit, blueberry, very attractive. Huge luscious fruit in the mouth, huge peperry fruit in the mouth. Big weight, very sweet peppery finish. very good. 
1994 Ramos Pinto
Universal declaration, big rich concentrated nose. Elegant and bold, huge weight in the mouth. Very mouth filling sweet spicy fruit, fig and date, long bold finish. Spirit slightly showing.
1997 Ramos Pinto
Unusual nose, another duff bottle!
2003 Ramos Pinto
Elegant nose, bold concentrated nose, very intense berry fruit, quite dry on the palate, really good length, a little closed at the moment. A huge wine that is not really showing.
2005 Niepoort
Black in colour, elegant and tight nose, very balanced nose and appealing. Dark spicy fruit, fig,, layers upon layer of fruit. Sweet dark fruits, coffee and chocolate, spicy, massive concentration, but balanced. Long long finish. Great wine from an unusual vinatge.
2007 Ramos Pinto
Spicy peppery dark fruits, very tight and intense. very peppery, seems a little one dimensional. Massive concentration, long peppery finish.
 2007 Ramos Pinto Ervamoira
 Much more appealing nose very engaging rich concentrated dark fruits. Huge sweet black fruits in the mouth, great weight, lovely balance. Long spicy dark fruit finish, big wine. 
2009 Niepoort
Elegant berry fruit, very appealing, lifted and full. Massive cassis fruit in the mouth, blueberries luscious sweet fruit. Huge long blackberry fruit, great spice on the finish. Great wine. A real wow wine.
2009 Niepoort Bioma
More closed than the straight Niepoort. Still a bold port, more restrained, but with the same concentartion. Slightly more balanced and elegnat, without the same general appeal. Huge long finish, this is going to be a great wine when it starts to open up!
2011 Niepoort
Inky black fruits, more subtle than the RP, very classy and elegant. Sweet fruit, tight layers of flavour, great balance this is going to be superb. A long long finish. Yes please one for the cellar.
2011 Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha
A tight nose, slightly more herbal and dry. Surprisingly minerally, on the palate, very concentrated, spicy peppery, huge concentration, mouth coating, long finish. this a huge wine, I prefer the balance of the Niepoort over the concentration of the Bioma. 
2011 Ramos Pinto
Sweet luscious nose, lifted berry fruit, very attractive and appealing. A really appealing wine, blueberry, coffee, mocha and black fruits. Luscious, massive concentration, sweet and appealing, long balanced finish.
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