Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Topaques & Muscats

Flight tasting with Wendy Killeen

Rutherglen is one of Australia’s oldest wine growing regions, located in NE Victoria. Stanton & Killeen is a family owned company who planted their vineyards in 1864 with the first crop completed in 1875. Currently 21 wineries in Rutherglen. Muscat & Topaque varieties grow well in Ruthergeln as its climate driven with long hot summers, long autumns and cool evenings allowing optimum ripening.

A fairly new classification system has been introduced in Rutherglen to make it easier for the consumer to understand the differences in quality. The system is built on average base ages, which are as follows: Rutherglen 4 years, Classic 12 years, Grand 25 years, Rare 60 years.

The grapes are taken to be crushed, then fermentation is stopped and neutral grape spirit is added. The wines are then left to age and once bottled, do not evolve.

We tasted a wine under each classification and from both Muscat and Topaque varieties, and the differences were just incredible. As a guide the flavour profiles for each variety are;

Topaque: white grapes, honey, butterscotch, white tea, marmalade

Muscat: raisins, dried figs, rose petal


Rutherglen Topaque - £14.25
Young, fresh and vibrant with a real zesty orange marmalade character. Pretty! 250g rs/litre.


Classic Rutherglen Topaque - £20.50

Not as fruity as the previous wine but still lots of flavours of figs, dates and raisins. Great cheese wine. 250g rs/litre.


Grand Rutherglen Topaque - £40

More viscous, deeper, very figgy and rich with nuttiness and hints of burnt caramel. Maderised, certainly interesting. 275g rs/litre.


Rare Rutherglen Topaque - £52

Fruit for Rare wines only picked every 7-10 years, and it must be from an optimum year. Apparently 2013 is a stunner!Luscious and complex, sweet spiced fruit and splashes of orange marmalade. Lots of brulee characters. Caramelised but still fresh and surprisingly more so than the Grand. Acidity keeps it lively. 300g rs/litre.


Rutherglen Muscat - £14.25

Delightfully pretty rose petal nose, apparently good Muscat smells like rose petals! Turkish delight perfumes too with hints of talc. Feels much fresher than the Topaque classic, soft and prettier with lifted flavours. Very attractive. And almost too drinkable… 250g rs/litre.


Classic Rutherglen Muscat - £20.50

Wow, wow, wow! Rich but zesty, luscious and pretty. It’s got everything! Layers upon layers of pretty fruit. Lusciously sweet but still really quite delicate with amazing balance. For me this has to be the favourite so far, and believe me it’s hotly contested! 250g rs/litre.


Grand Rutherglen Muscat - £40

Just gorgeous! Very intense and concentrated with incredible complexity and silky texture. The length is unbelievable. 275g rs/litre.


Rare Rutherglen Muscat - £52

Seriously seductive, dark and really deep aromas. Zingy with lots of raisin fruit and a citrus streak of tangerine with a hint of saltiness. As Wendy put it ‘the whole package is really unique’. 300g rs/litre.


An amazing tasting that proved style really does come with age!


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by Danielle
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