Tour of the Douro Training Ride Number 22 5th May

Tour of the Douro Training Ride Number 22 Route Southwick-Deene-Harringworth-Seaton-Wing-Oakham-Barnsdale-Exton-Clipsham-Stamford-Barnack-Southorpe-Wansford-Fotheringhay-Southwick-Tansor Distance 62 Miles Time 3 hours 30 minutes Average speed 18 miles an hour

What a morning, bright sunshine, but cool at our 8am start. We set off at a steady pace, that slowly picked up, until we hit the hills around Wing and Seaton, then the rides split, those doing the medium ride and short ride turned off. I looked around and all the normal guys I rode with had decided to do the medium or short ride. I looked who was left and doing the long ride, it was all the animals who were left, guys who feel no pain and think a gentle ride is for pussies! Boy was I out of my comfort zone, I was keeping tucked in behind the guys in front, one turned round and said you are not saying very much, how could I was bloody struggling to breathe! I rode the last two hours on the limit! Then we bumped into some Bourne Wheelers near Clipsham, male testosterone kicked in, we had to show them we were faster! Then one of them jumped off the front, red rag to a bull to my lot and we hunted him down, for the next 5 miles we were averaging 25 miles an hour, thankfully they turned off, I was saved as I was about to be blown out the back of the group! All the way home they pushed and pushed, you can not believe how hard it was, when I got home I showered, ate three breakfasts I was so Ravenous and then slept. Quite simply I was knackered, I am certainly earning every penny of sponsorship, please visit
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Posted on 05/05/2013
by Philip
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