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Chile is a viticultural paradise, frankly there is no other country in the world blessed quite as much for making wine. Amazing climate and perfect terroir combine together as the ultimate set of 'winemaking ingredients'.

Morande is a Chilean winery that was established in the early 80s by Pablo Morande, who was chief winemaker at the famous Concha y Toro producer before going solo and setting up his own winery.

The Morande range of white wines are made from grapes grown in the Casablanca Valley, which sits on Chile's coastline, ideal for freshness which translates through to the wines. Whereas the red grape varieties tend to be cultivated in the inland valleys of Maipo and Maule, which although very hot in the day, still benefit from cooler nights which allow a long ripening period, perfect for red wines.

We tasted a large range of Morande wines, and these are my notes; 

Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Morande 2011, Casablanca
Almost petrol like aromas, grapefruit, crisp and lean but not much life! 

Gewürztraminer Reserva Morande 2013, Casablanca
I could smell this all day! Wonderfully floral with delicious Turkish delight and rose petal aromas, very fresh, clean and pure. Minerally finish to tie it all together.

Chardonnay Reserva Morande 2010, Casablanca
Banana and butterscotch aromas. Tastes a little flat on the palate, new vintage required?!

Sauvignon Blanc Edicion Limitada Morande 2010, Casablanca
First Chilean SB to be fermented in oak! Very aromatic, whilst the palate has waxy lime and bright lemon fruit, tropical rather than citrusy. There's a lot of winemaking here! Restrained but hugely drinkable style.

Chardonnay Gran Reserva Morande 2012, Casablanca
12 months French oak gives it a nicely toasted nose, like toast spread with orange marmalade! Peachy and tropical palate, plenty of richness but with a clean crisp streak of acidity to cut through. Lots of purity and class here.

Oodles of mushroom, meaty and wild strawberries on the nose, very much a savoury style which follows through onto the palate.

Carmenere Reserva Morande 2010, Maipo
What strikes me here is the outstanding purity on the nose, it's layered with lots of green pepper and rich plump black fruit that just tempts me to take a sip. Elegant and restrained with all the structure you need, whilst being wonderfully supple with upfront spice and leafy dark fruit flavours. The balance is tightrope perfect!

Cabernet Sauvignon Terrarum Reserva Morande 2009, Maipo
Amazing depth on the nose, black fruit and vanilla. Soft mouthfeel, yet lacking any real structure or finesse. Perhaps time to try the next vintage?

Pinot Noir Gran Reserva Morande 2010, Casablanca
Beautiful purity again here, 14 months in oak, gorgeous core of raspberry fruit, so clean, elegant and pure. It couldn't be prettier or more varietally correct if it tried - open a textbook on Pinot Noir and this is what you'll read about!

Syrah Gran Reserva Morande 2009, Maule
Dark fruit takes over the nose, whilst the tannins take control of the palate. Real peppery spicy kick with huge structure and great power.

Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva Morande 2010, Maipo

Single vineyard, aged for 14 months in French oak. Nice touch of mintiness on the nose, bright cassis and more juicy blackcurrant fruit fill the palate. You know you've tasted a Cabernet!

Cabernet Franc Edicion Limitada Morande 2009, Maipo  Dumb nose, lots of dark fruit hits the senses on the palate with a layer of green leafiness typical of this variety laying on the top. Beautifully made with impeccable oak integration.

Carignan Edicion Limitada Morande 2009, Loncomilla
Huge big juicy fruits, herby and violets whilst the palate is again huge with a mouthful of juicy fruit. Not as well balanced or structured as the fruit is a little loose. Finishes dry. 

Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest Morande 2009, Casablanca
The colour is extraordinary, like a golden orange. Botrytis affected grapes, lots of marmalade and butterscotch flavours hit the taste buds evolving and complex with a nice clean acidity to balance. Very serious. Interesting.





The beauty lies in the balance with this whole range of wines. All of the wines are varietally on point, very clean and exude purity of flavour, much as we would expect from such a great wine producing country. Needless to say that some of them will be making an appearance in our Chilean section very soon, alongside the much loved Pionero wines (Morande's entry level range) that we already stock!

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Posted on 12/02/2014
by Danielle
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