2016 Vintage Port

An article written by Philip Amps about the recent 2016 Vintage Port release and details of how you can get your hands on some!

2016 Vintage Port Declaration and Offer

This is the first large declaration since the 2011 release, but the volumes are about 30% smaller than in 2011. With production at some houses around half a normal vintage, the wines will be in demand especially as news breaks how good they are across the board!!

2016 was an extremely difficult year in the Douro, heavy rainfall during the winter and spring followed by record breaking temperatures in the summer and autumn. Paul Symington commented it was 43 degrees in Pinhao in September, now that is hot! It was a year where every house had to be on their toes and look after their vines very carefully to ensure the best fruit was picked. Nature ensured the wine makers and viticulturists earnt their wages during this year.

My tasting notes are full of descriptions such as poise, elegance, style, power and balance but rather than take my word for it, come and taste the wines:

Wednesday 6th June
4pm – 7pm
Market Place Store

I promise you will be impressed. Every cellar should have some 2016s in it. The offer will close on Friday 29th June 2018.

Click here to download a copy of our offer. 

Our orders have to be with the Houses at the start of July 2018 and the wines will be shipped in November. We have allocations on the wines so please be aware we may have to allocate stock if we over sell any of the Houses. There are two columns of prices. The first is for Under Bond purchases and the second is including Duty and VAT at the current rates. If the government changes the rates between now and delivery, we will, unfortunately have to pass it on.

Payment will be taken once we have confirmed our orders with the Port Houses.

Kind Regards,

Philip Amps
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