2017 Vintage Port Declaration & Offer

An article written by Philip Amps about the universal 2017 vintage declaration and how you can get your hands on some!

As expected there has been a universal declaration from all the Port Houses. Please read the glowing vintage reports below from each of the various houses reporting just how good the wines are and declaring that they believe the wines will be as good as the legendary 1945 ports.

I think it is fair to say these are ports to buy, but don't just take my word for it, come and taste them for yourself:

Thursday 13th June
Amps Market Place Store
5pm - 7pm

It is free to attend, but please let us know if you plan to do so. 

The Symington Family Ports Vintage Report

Grahams, Dow, Warre’s, Cockburn’s, Quinta do Vesuvio

Charles Symington says “the distinctive conditions experienced throughout 2017 bear striking resemblance to the rainfall and temperature patterns of 1945, which is widely considered to be one of the greatest Vintage Ports ever produced. Both years had advanced growing cycles with low rainfalls balanced by less intense summer heat, resulting in early harvests with extremely low yields of grapes in excellent condition.
Given the very low-yielding year, the 2017 Vintage Port is the smallest Symington declaration of the 21st century, with en primeur volumes approximately a third less than in 2016”

 Charles Symington asked his viticulture and winemaking teams to return early from their summer breaks to begin the harvest in late August.

“Few wine regions in the world restrict vintage years with such integrity as we do in the Douro and the decision to declare Vintage Ports from two consecutive years was not one taken lightly. However, these two exceptionally strong harvests have produced wines of such immense quality that we felt justified in making this historic decision”

Taylor Fladgate Partnership 

Taylor’s, Fonseca and Croft.
David Guimaraens reports, “as expected the ripening was considerably early, and overall, sugar levels were much higher than normal. For the same date at the end of August, the average Baumé at Vargellas was 3º higher than in 2016, and 2º higher than most of the previous 9 years. These very high sugar levels are beneficial for Port as it allows for longer fermentations and better colour extraction. This was particularly important in 2017 as the skins were very thick.

 Picking started at Quinta da Roêda on the 31st August and at Vargellas on the 1st September, something not seen in my generation, however not unheard of before. Dick Yeatman´s Harvest Report from 1945 records the first lagares being filled at Vargellas on the 3rd September”

The temperatures during harvest were mild with cool nights which played a key role in ensuring that the ferments did not reach excessively high temperatures. The grapes kept their balanced ripeness. The concentration of the grapes together with the high sugar levels produced Ports with very high colour intensity and dense firm tannins. The ideal temperature conditions during August and the harvest have resulted in very few musts with overly ripe characters, which is satisfying considering how arid the year has been.
At a time when out of the ordinary years are all put down to climate change, it is comforting to read Dick Yeatman’s 1945 Harvest Report and see an almost identical season to 2017. Let us hope the Ports from the 2017 harvest also follow the quality of those from 1945.


Dirk Niepoort says “2017 was a great year in all aspects, the harvest promised perfection and the weather during the harvest helped achieve this.

Up until this point, 2015 was the best Vintage Port I’d made. 2017 is in the same line of 2015, but with a touch more perfection…it’s possibly our finest Vintage Port since 1945”

This is a Port that is concentrated and intense with beauty and perfection shining through. Perfect tannins with a fruit component that is austere, precise and alive. The spirit is perfectly integrated and the resulting finish is long, seductive and persistent. All its components are wonderfully balanced, a veritable orchestra in harmony. A fatal attraction with an insane potential for ageing, yet unbelievably perfect in its youth.
This 2017 Vintage Port is unquestionably a King of Ports.

Please click here for our 2017 Vintage Port order form.

All prices are per bottle and because of the uncertainty of Brexit, prices are EX Duty and Ex VAT. Both will need to be paid at the time of delivery/collection, at the then current governments rates. They will only be available in boxes of 6 or the pack size as per the order form. Please mark the order form if you wish your stock to go into a bonded warehouse.

If you require full tasting notes on each wine please let us know and we will forward them onto you.

Yours sincerely,

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