50 Years of Port with George Sandeman

50 Years of Port with George Sandeman

Pre 1840 all ports were vintage dated. Then as stocks built up, storing and ageing of the wines started. Lots of experiments took place and different ways of ageing the ports were tried. It very soon became apparent that some very good ports could be aged for a long in eithier bottle or cask. The very best ports were believed to come from bottle ageing after a short ageing in cask. This was the beginning of vintage port as we know it today.
The Bishop of Norwich had an excellent cellar and contary to belief was not responsible for not passing the port because he was supposedly so mean. But he is still today as refered to when someone is not passing the port! For all the grief he has recieved over the years this year The current Bishop of Norwich is being inducted into the Port Brotherhood!
Robotic lagares are becoming the norm as availability of labour becomes more difficult to find for foot treading, but possibly far more important for quality vintage port is temperature control within the lagares.
2000 Sandeman Vintage
Black and concentrated, just starting to evolve and lose its puppy fat. Dark fruits and concentrated, intense sweet spicy fruit. Hints of dark dried fruits on the palate, long sweet dark spicy fruit finish. Lovely pepper sweet fruit and gentle spirit.
1997 Sandeman Vintage
Not as dark, slightly more opulent on the nose, much more engaging and less brooding than the 2000, dark plummy fruits. Again even more evolved yet still very young. Sweet spicy peper dark fruits, much higher acidity than the 2000 and much more spicy/peppery. very intense on the palate and long peppery fruit finish. Really intreresting glass of port.
1982 Sandeman Vintage
A split vintage with 1983, Sandeman chose 1982! A little sediment in the glass! A massive difference in the colour of the ports between the 97 and 82. Much paler in colour, almost tawny in colour.Very evevolved and developed, leather and herb characters on the nose, with gentle dark fruits sitting in the background. lighter in the mouth, softer dark fruits, almost luscious and lovely spice on the finish. A light but very appealing vintage port.
1980 Sandeman Vintage
Much better colour than the 82, brighter. Delicate yet more fruit on the nose rather than the 82, appears to be fully mature. lovely mouth feel, chocolate, coffee, mocha with sweet dark fruits, lovely spice. Really well balanced, a lovely port from a lesser vintage. really good.
1977 Sandeman Vinatge
Wonderful colour, more red brightness, bright, but still quite pale. A mix of red and black fruits on the nose, almost cloying on the palate, sweet dark fruits, hints of fig, coffee, chocolate. Coats the mouth with sweetness, rich and intense. Will live a long time yet! Delicious.
1970 Sandeman Vintage
A slightly woody nose, slightly herby, does not have the glorious fruit of the 77. Chocolate, huge mouthfilling sweetness, pepper and spice, not as complex as the 77. Almost caramel sultana flavours on the finish, with a gentle spice.
1963 Sandeman Vintage
Darker than the 70. more complex nose, dark fruits and spice, quite evolved nose. Delicious coffee, mocha fig characters, spicy dark fruits and a little spirity on the finish. really good length and complexity. Big mouth filling port, this is really very good.
For me the 1977 was the stand out wine of the tasting, simply delicious.
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