Training Ride Number 5: Friday 29th March

Route: Polebrook-Hemington-Luddington-Gidding-Winwick-Old Weston-Clopton-Titchmarsh-Thrapston-Islip-Aldwinkle-Wadenhoe-Stoke Doyle
Distance: 28 Miles

Following a late night tasting in Northampton and then a very disturbed night because a new young dog did not settle in the kennel and kept barking all night. I got up at 5.30 am to walk the dogs, having at best only had a couple of hours sleep, before the bike ride at 7am. Chris Searle arrived at the car park, just after 7 and it was freezing. Plus a very cold wind, ice all over the road from melting snow that had now frozen, conditions were not good. During the ride we also has a mix of snow and hail, which made the roads trecherous and finally during the last 2 miles it alse rained. It was a horrible ride, but the bacon and eggs were delicious after my shower!
This was a ride that earn't me half my sponsorship, it was horrendous. hard miles done!
Someone better sponsor me!
Visit my just giving page please!
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Posted on 30/03/2013
by Philip
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Tour of the Douro Blog June 2013,


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