Tour of the Douro Day One

Saturday 8th June: packing, hydrating, watching rugby, watching cricket and occasionally working in the shop!

Washing machine is on for the final time, and clearing down the desk for the week away. Only the ironed shirts to pack, can't believe that my shorts and tracksuits were not considered smart enough for where we are going! I have always felt smartly dressed in a tracksuit!

Guilt pangs are starting to set in, will the legs still work after a week of not riding the bike, have I eaten to much this week, will the shorts still fit!

Early to bed tonight and being collected at 7am for transfer to Stanstead and a flight to Bilbao. Depending on internet connection I will be posting a blog each this space for photo's and words of pain over the next few days or follow on Twitter @ampsfinewines

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Posted on 08/06/2013
by Philip
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Tour of the Douro Blog June 2013,


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