Burleighs Gin at Burghley

A gin that really made my weekend!

At the weekend I visited the Fine Food Market at Burghley House. A grand 16th century country house in Stamford that played host to a two day celebration of local produce from over 20 local suppliers. Even though the weather was beautiful on Saturday for the market, I was absolutely astounded at how many people and cars were there - I can only imagine now that they were all queuing up for a sample taste of Burleighs Gin!

I'm a gin girl, so it didn't take long for my nose to lead me to the top left corner of the market where I was greeted by Burleighs Gin, smartly packaged in a funky black bottle. At this point I could already see the bottle standing out on our shelves, but of course I had to judge it on taste alone. 

It's a classic London Dry Gin infused with 11 of the world's finest botanicals, including silver birch, dandelion, burdock, elderberry and iris. It smelt heavenly, incredibly fragrant with fresh citrus aromas and a whiff of a summers day. One sip and I was hooked -  it's a soft, feminine style of gin that exudes elegance and purity. There were more citrus notes flowing through from the nose, mingled with spice, floral and juniper flavours too. I'm not usually one for enjoying gin neat over ice, but this gin really was so velvety soft that I didn't need a mixer. 

It's a new product to the market, as it was only released in July and I really think it will do well. As soon as I'd tasted it, I tweeted Amps insisting that we look at it, so I am very excited that we've now placed our first order for some! But really, don't just take my word for it, pop by the shop and we'll pour you a little taster from our sample bottle.

Available now online or in the shop at £32.50.

A true artisan gin hand crafted and bottled in Leicestershire, using a beautiful copper pot still. 


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Posted on 28/08/2014
by Danielle
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