Tom, Dick & Harry

A story about a wine called Tom, Dick and Harry or simply, TDH.

A story about a wine called Tom, Dick and Harry or simply, TDH.

Morgon Cuvee 1759
Chateau Grange Cochard 
2013, France 

Morgon is one of the famous 10 Beaujolais Crus situated just south of Burgundy. Just ahead of the 2008 vintage, James and Sarah Wilding, an English couple from St Albans, purchased the beautiful Chateau Grange Cochard, situated in the centre of the vineyards of Morgon.

The Chateau has its own winery and 6 hectares of vines producing three different Cuvees, Morgon Vieilles Vignes, Les Charmes and Cote du Py, all made from the Gamay grape. The world renowned Cote du Py vineyard, is on a steep slope of blue granite pushed up from an ancient volcano. The vines are between 40 - 100 years old, resulting in low yields and wines with fabulous structure and concentration.
2013 was a very difficult vintage in Burgundy and Beaujolais, the weather being difficult throughout the flowering, fruit set and ripening period. As a result, harvest was 3 weeks later than normal. Producing a smaller, but better vintage than expected.
Quality wine comes from the producers attention to detail in both the vineyard and the winery. Unlike most Beaujolais producers, at Chateau Grange Cochard they Triage the grapes. This means, as soon as the grapes are picked, they are taken to the winery and put onto a vibrating sorting table for sorting, ensuring that only the very best fruit goes into the tank. It is hours of painstaking work and reduces yields, but is essential to produce the very best wines.
As do the very best winemakers in the world, each vintage James and Sarah look for ways to improve their wines. Small experiments are tried each year, some are discarded straight away, others will be developed and used in following vintages.
In 2013 they decided to ferment a small batch of grapes in wooden barrels for the fermentation process, instead of their usual open top concrete tanks. James cut the top out of three French Barriques, each a year old and holding 225 litres, and filled each barrel after Triage, with whole bunches of grapes from their best vineyard Cotes du Py. The barrels were called Tom, Dick and Harry, hence the wine is now called TDH! Fermentation took place and after 3 months they pressed the grapes and the resulting wine was enough for just one barrique, only around 300 bottles!


The experiment has been a huge success and in March 2014, Philip Amps and Lesley Hole visited Chateau Grange Cochard and tasted the TDH from the barrique. It was fabulous, succulent, velvety and really quite seductive! Much more expressive and appealing than the Cote du Py produced in the concrete tanks. It was bottled in November 2014. Such is the success of the experiment, James and Sarah have purchased a huge wooden vat to ferment all of the 2014 Cotes du Py in!


So how does it taste? The nose is full of ripe red cherry, sweet blackberries and blackcurrants, spice and vanilla. Really approachable. It is rich with concentration, depth and structure for such a young wine. We think it is looking very good indeed! Drink now or cellar for more complexity over the next 10 years.
Amps Fine Wines have exclusively purchased the 248 bottles that were put on sale of Tom, Dick and Harry. With only 248 bottles, it is a very limited release so an early response is advisable.

Want to try a bottle?
Order online or pick up a bottle in store for £20.


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