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Warners Trash and Treasure Spiced Rum

Warners Trash and Treasure Spiced Rum



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A unique British rum made with botanicals, weeds & discarded peels. 100% natural ingredients.

Written by local producer, Warner’s Distillery:

Take what you know about rum and throw it in the trash. Because in the trash is where we found our best idea yet. We took the things no-one wanted, dandelion roots, over-ripe bananas, discarded citrus peels, and transformed them into something delicious. All those bits and pieces nobody cared about, we used them to create a rum that gives real flavour, true quality and is about doing its bit for nature and the planet.

Because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, That’s why we take what no-one saw a future in, and turn it into a spicier, zestier, better tomorrow. That’s just the spirit of Trash & Treasure rum: we worry about the waste, you worry about not wasting a drop.

So what does it taste like?

Fresh orange and grapefruit erupt from the glass, with aromas of sponge pudding, caramel and honey. A soft and creamy sweetness with a delicious combination of dandelion & sichuan spice, vanilla and cinnamon. A super tasty finish with a toasted earthiness, hints of vanilla, banana and orange.

ABV 40%