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Famille Hugel Vendange Tardive Gewurztraminer 2007

Famille Hugel Vendange Tardive Gewurztraminer 2007


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Vendange Tardive (VT) is a classification for Alsace wines signifying a late harvest wine with a higher concentration of natural sugars. These wines are made from overripe grapes, picked after the classic vintage and in the greatest years only. VT has long been a great speciality for several generations of the Hugel family, with their wines amongst some of the greatest in France because of their great power and almost unlimited ability to age. For those who love elegant, pure, well balanced wines, 2007 was a benchmark vintage.

Serge Dubs, World’s Best Sommelier 1989: Absolutely captivating, with fruit, perfume and aromas of lychee, mango, passion fruit, of flowers like rose, jasmine, peony, and some oriental spices, all soberly gathered together with great refinement. Sweet yet not cloying, irresistible, luscious and juicy yet not heavy, it tends to overpower your senses with delicacy and charm. A wine to enjoy on its own, or with blue cheeses and fruit tarts. It could be kept for 20 years, but it enchants me already.

Rich ~ Sweet
Blue Cheese | Fruit