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Frapin Multimillesime No7

Frapin Multimillesime No7


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Only 3 Available

This premium blend showcases Frapin Cognac at it’s best. Grapes from their Grande Champagne Premier Cru vineyard from three vintages, 1989, 1991, 1993, show off their Cellar Master’s skill at blending.

Frapin’s own website tells us how and why each vintage was chosen. The 1989 was for the bones or “framework” of the blend, the 1991 “finesse and subtlety” and 1993 ” the power”.

Imagine, the smells of Grannie’s polished antique furniture, an old fashioned tobacconist, wooden tea chest crates, grinding coffee beans in a deli, an apple orchard in springtime and a rose garden at sunset.

Ugni Blanc



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