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Lutton Farm Blue Aurora ‘Midnight’ Blueberry Wine NV

Lutton Farm Blue Aurora ‘Midnight’ Blueberry Wine NV


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Only 6 Available

In June 2019, Lutton Farm, our fantastic local fresh fruit grower, decided to begin a venture making wine from the small blueberries they produce each year which don’t quite make the cut for supermarket supply because of their size. In the past these blueberries have gone to waste, so it’s an excellent idea. There’s 1.2kg of blueberries in this bottle, combine that with a lower alcohol of 11% and you’ve got a wine you can feel good about drinking! Building on their success last year, they have added this intense and beautifully rich fruit wine to their range, which has more sweetness and body than their original ‘Dusk’ wine.

Fruity ~ Ripe



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